Rugby Youth for Christ (RYFC) is one of the main youth organisations working with young people in Rugby. Supported primarily by the Christian church communities within Rugby, RYFC works cooperatively with other groups and agencies to serve the town’s secondary schools and their pupils. “Taking the Good News relevantly to every young person in Rugby.” Motivated by their Christian belief that every young person is valuable and has worth, the team serves Rugby’s young people, seeking to give them a sense of dignity, to help them make right decisions and to give them hope for the future. Rugby Youth for Christ has been in existence since 1989 working with hundreds of young people in Rugby, both in school and in their leisure time. It is part of the international Youth for Christ (YFC) organisation. Each local organisation is an independent charity, linked to the UK part of the international organisation.


  • for continued good relationships with the schools we work with.
  • for continued opportunities in the schools in Rugby.
  • for the relationships with teachers, senior staff and pupils.
  • for the schools in your area, and that are in the catchment area of your church.
  • for the RYFC team; for the marriages and families that enable them to do their job.
  • for finance for RYFC to allow us to connect with the young people in rugby effectively
  • for the youth groups and events run by RYFC in the town e.g. Regenerate, Elevate
  • that we see the power of the Gospel at work in the lives of the young people in Rugby
  • for young Christian young people in Rugby, that they would be filled with boldness and passion for the Gospel.