Rugby Street Pastors are now patrolling Rugby’s Town Centre (and outlying estates) on Friday and Saturday nights, from 10pm – 4am.

We listen, care and help people, in an unconditional way. People in Rugby are now getting to know that the Church is there for them in a practical way.

Whether Street Pastors are pointing people in the right direction, persuading someone not to do something, providing emergency first aid, giving out flip-flops and lollies, or just being a shoulder to cry on, they are practically demonstrating the Christian ethos of caring for one another…..not just to one another in their respective church congregations, but to the wider community – the Cities, Towns and villages where they live and work.


Please Pray:

  • for more Prayer Pastors to pray for us every Friday and Saturday night at the patrol base, or in their homes.
  • that we receive God’s continued protection and Holy Spirit Guidance as we patrol the streets.
  • for continued opportunities for Street Pastors to develop ongoing faith-based discussions with the same revellers who want to know more about God & Jesus and that others listening in would also be drawn closer to God.
  • for unity in the Spirit
  • for an infilling of the Holy Spirit for Pastor Teams before they go out.
  • for God’s protection over the team
  • for Emergency Services, Police, Ambulance and Fire Service.
  • for door security staff and taxi drivers who we regularly talk to.
  • for those against us.