Rugby’s Debt Centre is run by a group of churches led by Bilton Evangelical Church and has been open nearly four years and has received over 130 enquiries in that time with 16 clients becoming debt free and four have come to know the Lord.

For more information please contact Andrew Lewis on 07503 421096.

CAP started running Job Clubs in March 2013 and the Rugby Job Club was one of the first to open at the Harvest Fellowship Church. It is open between 10.00am and 1.00pm on Tuesdays and is a free service designed to help people find work. For further details please contact Steve Hayden on 07816 630629.

Pray For:

  • for the three CAP ministries that are active in Rugby – the Debt Centre, the CAP Money Courses and the Job Club
  • for all CAP clients that they may be released from the oppressive burden of debt, learn to manage their money, find employment and experience the Love of God
  • that CAP workers are given the wisdom to be able to say the right words to encourage their clients as their lives are transformed through working with CAP
  • that the Holy Spirit will go ahead of us before we meet clients to open their hearts to receive the word of God and to accept his love for them
  • for the strength of our support staff as they develop relationships with clients especially when circumstances are challenging and the client requires additional support
  • that others will come forward to show the love of God to clients by building relationships with them
  • for sufficient resources to be able to make CAP activities in Rugby sustainable in the future
  • that people in need will have the courage to pick up the telephone for debt help, attend a money course or seek assistance with their job search
  • that clients with health, relationship or other problems are given the strength to manage their situations with the help of other agencies
  • that people throughout Rugby will be aware of CAP’s work and feel inspired to support CAP by volunteering or donating

Thank God for:

  • All the people involved in providing these services to the needy people of Rugby and for the support of their churches
  • The inspirational leadership of John Kirkby and Matt Barlow, CAP’s founder and CEO respectively, and the staff at the Bradford Head Office. It is through their vision that so many people have been lifted out of debt and come to know the Lord as their personal Saviour
  • His desire to have a relationship with each one of us and for the love He shows in a practical way through the work of CAPHis desire to have a relationship with each one of us and for the love He shows in a practical way through the work of CAP
  • The way that the churches of Rugby work so well together to provide assistance to the needy under the umbrella of Revive
  • The working relationship that exists between the different agencies providing support in Rugby
  • Everyone involved in the CAP ministry throughout the world, but particularly in Rugby